Digital Evaluation Form

Step 1
Step 2

Section 1 : Website & Blogging

1) Do you have a company website?

2) Do you have a system on your website that collects leads/prospect info?

3) Can visitors share content from your site on to other social media sites?

4) Do you have an Email Newsletter that goes out to your prospects regularly?

5) Is your website mobile friendly, i.e. iPhone, iPad, Android compatible?

6) Do your web pages have a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) at the end?

7) Do you have Google Analytics at the back end to track traffic stats?

8) Does your website have a Business BLOG integrated?

9) If YES, Do you know what right time to post every week?

10) Is your Website SEO Frindly ?

Step 3

Section 2 : Facebook

1) Do you have a Facebook fan page for your business? / Are you selling

2) Do you have a Facebook PAID Ads Marketing Budget of 440-10000/month?

3) Do you have your Fanpage Likebox embedded on your website?

4) Do you have a statergy?

5) Do you run any monthly CONTESTS/PROMOS to engage with your fans?

Step 4

Section 3 : LinkedIn

1) Is Your LinkedIn Personal Profile 100% Complete?

2) Are you connected to at least 500 people?

3) Do you have 10 or more quality recommendations?

4) Do you have your Company Page setup on LinkedIn?

5) Do you post daily on your personal & company LinkedIn profiles?

6) Are you in at least 10 highly relevant groups, and you take part regularly in those groups?

Step 5

Section 4 : Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ & Pinterest

1) Do you have a Twitter account?

2) Do you Tweet, Re-tweet or Follow interesting people daily?

3) Do you have a Youtube Channel for your business with at least 5 videos, either testimonials or reviews about your products or services?

4) Do you have a strategy to upload 5 new videos per month talking about your products and services on Youtube?

5) Do you have an Instagram account for business?

6) Do you have a Google+ Page for your business?

7) Do you share content and status updates on your Google+ Page daily?

8) Do you have a Pinterest account for your business?

9) Do you add new boards or at least 6 new pins (interesting images) every week related to your business, pointing back to your website?

10) Do you use any tool by which you schedule posts, track and monitor all your social media activity?