Successful implementation of Online Admission for Ramaiah Instiitute of Management.

During the time of covid, Several institutions have faced offline registration due to the ongoing pandemic situation. RIM wanted a online platform where students can takeup online interviews, get selected on their performance & make online payment.

We worked with MSRIM in building an online admission portal.

Step to complete the online admission form:

  1. Student should register & login to their account
  2. Fill the form with all the required fields
  3. Students will get to know the application status
  4. Once the student fills the form, It will get saved in the backend so the admin will get to see the form
  5. Then the admin will go through all the details & then schedule an interview
  6. Student should attend an interview & if they get selected they will be redirected to the payment gateway
  7. Once the payment is successfully done. Students will be called for physical admission process
  8. If the student doesn't get selected in an online interview, Their application will get rejected & they can apply online once again

Technologies we have used to build the applications are:

  1. PHP (CodeIgniter)
  2. MySQL
  3. jQuery
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