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Customer Relationship Management

Is all about putting you in control of your business so that you can keep track of sales, leads, customer interactions and much more. And being cloud-based, you get all the benefits of a pay-as-you-go model with a system that is always up to date, easy to scale and doesn’t require expensive software or hardware upgrades. You can even run our CRM software from your mobile devices such as tablets and smartphone


Everything You Need to know about CMS Platform

  • Here you can check user logins, activies, Google Analytics(if integrated)
Activity Log
  • Here you can check user logs, user activies
Menu Manager
  • Here you can add, delete or update navigation menu. This feauture enables to add submenu as well as mega menu.
  • Here you can create any number of pages, Edit existing page or delete any pages.
  • This feature enables you to create widgets such as side bar, videos, blogs, news/events, announcements
  • This feature enables you to create category such as blogs, news/events, announcements. It will help while creating any posts
  • This feature enables you create any number of posts such as blogs, news/events.
  • This feature enables you upload any images/videos or any documents.
  • This feature enables you to have a look at the form enquiries/submissions from your application contact form
  • This feature has n number of plugins to use such as News & Events Carousel, Image Carousel, Testimonials, Gallery, Banner, Image Box Links ( It can be built/developed many more plugins upon client requirement )
SEO Settings
  • This feature enables you to add Meta Title, Meta Descriotion & Keywords to all your pages individually
Admin Roles/Users
  • This feature enables you to manage admin, add/remove users, give certain permissions.

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